Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Conclusion

*sorry for the failure to post sooner about my hair.* {I know you all are waiting on the edge of you seats. . .}

I have been crazy busy trying to plan our summer month long trip to Florida and it has me a little frazzled!

Here it is people: I am going to to my best with the "Pros" and "Cons" of my experiment.

-It was been 100% humid here in Missouri and raining no-stop(on and off) for the last 2 weeks and my hair has NOT been frizzy! At all!
-When I wake up in the morning, it isn't 'as crazy' as it use to be.
-I do not have to use my flat iron has much. Actually barely at all. All I do is dry my hair with my round brush and maybe use the flat iron for pieces around my face.
-It is alot more smoother then my hair has ever been.
-you can still curl your hair if you would like to.

-I would never, ever call it "wash and wear hair".(which we all know that was what I was hoping for)
-It is a little flatter then I would like it to be. (but I guess that is kinda the point, huh???)
-The fact that you can't wash your hair for 3 days!
-Or put any type of hair accessory in your hair during those 3 days.
-pricey $$$!

Conclusion, I would recommend this to a friend with unruly hair. I will be doing this again. I would never pay someone $150-$300 dollars to do this to your hair.
I would suggest finding someone that sells the producted online(via Ebay), just make sure that it is the actually Brazilian Blowout product. Grab up a friend who has a few hours to spare and follow the instructions exactly as specified!

If anyone decides to do this, let me know how your experience is with it.

Now wish me luck on packing!

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