Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brazilion Blowout days 2 & half of 3


Ok, we are in day 3(half of it) and let's just say...I am not leaving the house.

How hair felt on day 2:

-refreshingly smooth/soft
-not as greasy
-freeze free{and it has been rainy here for several days}

I will say for the last 2 days when I have woken up in the morning my hair is the straighted it as ever been. I have the CRAZIEST hair(normal) when I wake up. I mean, it stands straight up in my head! It does have a few creases in it from where I roll around and lay on it, but for the most part it is unbelievable straight. I just run my flat iron over the pieces that are creased, which normally is the pieces underneath my hair(the shorter pieces).

How hair feels on day 3:

-EXTREMELY life-less
-EXTREMELY surprisingly soft!

Again, the true test is for me to wash it(which would be tomorrow around 10ish) and wear it out and see how it dries on it's own. Which it just so happens, I have to take Lil B to a Doctors appointment at 10:30 am tomorrow, so we will see! I really just want to be able to wake up in the morning and my hair look like something hadn't crawled up in it and died! I will always blow dry and straighten my hair, but I just want to be able to "GO" and not worry with my hair on the days that I am in a rush!

This is day 3, look at how sticky{greasy} my hair is.

This is the back and it may not look as bad in the pictures, but it is nasty, flat, and life-less!

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Kate said...

Oh whatever! I can't see any greasiness at all.

I can't wait for the big reveal!