Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bullet List for Ben

hey babe, just wanted to take a sec to let you know how much you mean to me.

  • you have always worked hard to provide for us and now our family.
  • you put up with me and my nuttiness.
  • you clean the kitchen, every night, without asking.
  • you let me sleep in on the weekends and bring me coffee even though you don't drink it.
  • you bath and put Blakely to sleep every night because "that's your thing".
  • you don't mind(or secretly bit your tongue) that I take a nap just about everyday.
  • you take Blakely with you every time you leave the house, just to give me a break.
  • you cut the yard and never complain.
  • you look good and never have to try.
  • you tell me I'm beautiful at least once day.
  • you love when I don't wear makeup.
  • you don't care that I shop online(you just remind me about our budget).
  • you let me control the remote and watch my girly shows and Investigation Discovery, without to much complaining.
  • you clean out my car.
  • you change Blakely's diapers and don't think twice about it.
  • you don't mind running to the store to pick up beer and pizza with a toddler in toe.
  • you keep me calm.
  • you want another baby, but know I am not totally sure and you are ok with that.
  • you look super sexy in your flight suit and you do it with ease.
  • I love that Blakely is the spitting image of you.
  • I love that you have goals in life and work so hard to make sure you complete them.
  • you rarely say, "no".
  • you love that I have so many craft projects.
  • you are our grill master.
  • I watch you with Blakely when you aren't looking and I love the way you look at her, as though she is the only person in the World, and the only thing that matters{it sometimes make me cry happy tears}.
  • I love the sound of the garage door opening, knowing your home, and Blakely screaming, "Daddy Home!"
  • I love that you don't like to be away from us for more then a couple of days and tell me you miss me as soon as you are gone.
  • you always drive.
  • your unbelievable sweet.
  • you buy me flowers every time you go to the grocery store.

you are amazing in every way and thank you for being my soul mate!


jenjen said...

Hi Brandy!

How sweet - what a great tribute! Thanks for coming by and saying hi. What a cute place you have over here.


Kate said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever read.

Kathy said...

that is so sweet!!! You are truly loved!!!