Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sneak Peek of Breelynn's Room

I honestly have been so lazy when it comes to putting Breelynn's room together. It isn't even finished, but I have had request to see her here it is. We haven't gotten around to: changing out the hardware(going to be crystal knobs), found the perfect mirror for above her tall dresser, hung up any pictures, find the perfect rug, etc.

I did manage to hang up the wooden letters that I got made and the shelves I found at a local antique store(3 of them for $14 bucks-steal!). The little round end table was also found at another antique store for $40. I am reusing the lamp from Blakely's baby room-I still need to dress it up with something, either pompoms or ric-rac. The little silver bowl on the shelf was also find at the antique store for $8...all I had to do was polish it up and it became the perfect place to put her q-tips in! And that's her diaper bag all packed and ready to go to the hospital with us!

We decided we wanted to keep her room very simple and chic. I wanted very simple bedding, curtains, colors, etc. The only 'wow' factor we wanted was one wall of wallpaper. So
we decided to splurge on some nicer wallpaper that would be easy to put up and easy to come off!(which is totally worth it-this stuff is so cool! All we had to do is place it in water-no glues, sprays, nothing and place it up on the wall! And when we are tired of looking at it, it simply peels off the wall! None of that circle thing to 'cut' the wallpaper, no steaming it, no spraying it down! I tested it out with some extra paper we had! Totally works!)

The curtains are hand me downs from my Sister-in-Law(thanks Whit) and added that other color I wanted for the room. The bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids. It has a light pink scalloped edge.

We placed the crib on the wall with the windows because I saw it in a magazine and thought it framed the crib nicely when everything else being so simple.

All the furniture was also Blakely's, so we didn't have to buy any furniture!

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