Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sisterly love

Blakely has been the best big sister a we could have asked for!
We knew she was super excited about having a baby sister, but we were not excepting her to be so helpful, loving, or as happy about having her sister around!
She wants to hold her all the time! She wants me to not breastfeed, so she can give her a bottle! She wants to kiss her head every 10 minutes! She wants to help give her a bath every night. She wants to help change her daipers(but will not touch the dirty ones or throw them away). Etc.
These pictures are all out if order, but I want to show you how much she holds her and it's not just a few's like 10/15/20 minute time frames.
So happy to hold 'sissy' after "dinner".

Kisses for sissy

She likes to hold her like the adults do up on her shoulder.

This is how she sat with her for 10 minutes, just holding her head like this.

The day we left the hospital...

Second day in happy to be with her!

Us girls...Daddy's going to have his hands full!

Talking about how cute her hat is...

This was the first time Breelynn had her eyes open and was looking at Blakely. Amazing!

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cherie said...

Oh Brandy,
What sweet beautiful girls you have! It has to make your heart so happy for blakely to love her so much!! Enjoy that big helper. It makes it so much easier to have an older one!