Friday, May 1, 2009

not so happy...

good morning is a busy day, starting early, and probably ending late.

today my hubby is leaving for 4 days. we have MOPS(it is our last one until fall, and to be honest, i would skip it, i know, bad, but i just don't have it in me). lil b woke up early, hasn't been eating due to her 2 year molars coming in(how freakin long will this last???). i have made her 3 different breakfast choices this morning and she has replied, "don't want" to all of them.

i still haven't send off our dear friends, caroline's, birthday gift(because i am a slacker). i also have finally finished my gift i was making for my Moody Mommy mother's day swap and ofcourse today is the last day to get it sent out, i ofcourse, waited to the last minute again. {side note: when i receive my swap gift, i'll let you guys know what i got. this is something i have been excited about!}

i also have plans to go the one of my favorite local antique shops to pick up some goodies for some of my projects for this weekend and i have to drag a grumpy, hungry(not my fault, i would force feed her, if i could), definitely in her terrible two's, moody toddler.

did i mention that my hubby is going to be gone for 4 days. oh how i need him, oh how much we both miss him dearly when he is gone.

sorry for being debbie downer, today is just going to be one of those days, i just needed to get all of that off my chest.

another side note: a dear sweet 4 legged family member of ours, avery; a min pin, was attacked by 2 other dogs and she has been in the vets for 2 days. she has internal bleeding and has had a blood transfusion. this dog is the sweetest dog, not a fighter, so you can only imagine that she was shocked by the attack. she is my hubby's sisters dog and is loved by our whole family b/c she has lived with all of us at some point. hubby's sister, is avery's mommy, she is heartbroken and trying to finish her first year law school exams. please pray that avery will not reject the blood and there is no more internal bleeding. she is not just a dog, a family member...

i'll keep you posted on her progress.

loving, debbie downer.


Kathy said...

poor Blakely.. those molars are a beast! I hope they break thru quickly! I remember them very well, not a great experience.. and we are about to go thru it again with Adriana!!!

I am sorry that the hubby is gone for 4 days... I can def. relate to that one as well!!! Stephen goes on quite a few tdy's. It always seems to be at the busiest times, when he is gone!! Go figure!!!

Hope you get your Happy baby back soon!!!

Kathy said...

oh I forgot, poor puppy, that must have been so scary.. I hope the pooch pulls thru.... I am sure he was terrified...