Saturday, May 2, 2009

it got better.

so let just say that my day yesterday got better, but it didn't happen right away.

after fighting lil b into her outfit for the day, we managed to get out of the house right at the time we should have been at MOPS. we arrived 10 minutes late and has i am driving up to the church(this is where we meet for our MOPS group), blakely yells out, "NO want go!" , then proceeds to whine.

i just tried to ignore her whines and tell her she will have fun, don't whine.

THEN she goes, "" i turn around to see that i had forgotten to put shoes on her in my rush to get out the door. not only that, i had dressed her(and myself) in shorts and the weather here decided to turn cold again... ask me why i didn't realize it was 45 degrees outside??? b/c i didn't open the garage door before leaving the house, if i do blakely thinks it is her duty as a toddler to see how fast she can run to the street, while i chase after her.

i had all intentions to go back to MOPS after i got blakely redressed(did i mention i had put most of her winter clothes away???) with shoes on, but once we got back home, she had a melt down for taking off her clothes, again. i just lost it, not with her, but myself. i started crying.

she was looking at me like i had 5 eyes. i was like, "it's ok, mommy it just upset. please be a good girl for me." she was fine after fight, no struggle, nothing. . .

at this point, i thought to myself, 'all signs point to NOT going ot MOPS today, so i didn't.

remember those gifts i mentioned i needed to send off? after getting back in the car, driving to my local pack-n-ship location, i realized i had forgotten something to put in one of the gifts! go figure. . . this is where i thought i might cry again, but i didn't, i just took a deep breath, went back home, then back to the pack-n-ship store.

it was raining at this point, so i thought we might as well go to the antique store now, and get home before the weather got worse. found a couple things(i'll post that later). i also wanted to pick up some cage-free eggs from a local farmer. they are cheaper then getting them at a grocery store and they are usually brown eggs, which are my favorite. $1.oo per dozen.

once i finisihed our list of things to-do, we came home, had lunch, and blakely looks at me and says, "i go nap." this is the point at where my day got better! it was 12:15 pm! she slept for 3 hours and so DID I!

after naps we went to a friends house, played dress up, duck duck, goose, musical chairs, and ate dinner. which made my day! :)

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alexwuenstel said...

awwww...I hope you have a better day today! This is seriously how I feel ALL the time...I wonder if every mom with a 2 year old feels this way? Smile!