Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Montserrat Vineyard

when i say the word, "winery", you probably think California, right???
well believe it or not, Missouri is also know for some of the most beautiful winery's & vineyards... i know crazy, right?
we had our last Spouses meetings before summer break, so we decided to host it at the Montserrat Vineyard. i hadn't been to any winery's since living here and honestly I thought, there is no way there could be some beautiful winery in Missouri; therefore, not making it a priority to see or experience it.
Boy! Was I wrong! please forgive me for prejudging...
just look for yourself. it was breathtaking, relaxing, and beautiful.
not to mention some amazing wines!

thanks for the girls that came. . .i know it was a small gathering with school getting out, vacations started, and hubby's flying, but we had a wonderful time and hope to see you all at the August meeting!

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