Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben/Daddy!

Ben turned 27 today! We were fortunate enough to have a friend watch Blakely, so we could go out to a nice dinner. Which was lovely not having to think about being in Mommy and Daddy mode! Since a storm came threw last night and iced the roads, we didn't get to the original restaurant we had planned on going too, but to our surprise the restaurant we choose here in The Burg turned out GREAT! Ben got lots of calls and a few gifts(to his surprise), so Thanks everyone! Happy Birthday Ben/Daddy! We love you!

About to leave to go out to Dinner.

Awwww, Adult Time, so precious!


I made a birthday breakfast casserole, see the '27'?

I made him his favorite cake, Red Velvet. Nothing fantasy, but made with Love!


Lisa said...

Did you go to Players? They are pretty good!

Kathy said...

Hope he had a great birthday!!! 27!! 3 more years until the Big one!! LOL I hit mine this year!!!