Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Time!

We just had some family come in town this past weekend. Ben's mom and sister! They hadn't seen Blakely since last summer, so it was nice watching them see all the new and wonderful things Blakely does. Grandma T, which Blakely calls her "T", and Aunt Adrianne "A-d-ian" come on Friday and left on Tuesday. During their stay we went to the Kansas City Zoo, went to the Park, out to dinner, out to lunch, got manicures and pedicures, toured the town of Warrensburg and played played played!

Adrianne also brought her dog, Avery, with her and Blakely fell in love with her. She called her, "puppy". She would wake up in the morning and ask for "puppy!" The next morning after Grandma T and Adrianne left, she walked into the room Grandma T was in and was saying, "T? T? T?" It was kinda sad seeing her wonder where everyone had gone.

We were so thankful they both come to visit us, especially thankful for them coming to spend time with Blakely.

She was worn out!

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dani said...

I am so jealous yall are wearing short sleeves!! it SNOWED here in Idaho the other day :(