Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun Time!

It's Sunday evening here at in The Smith household and I just wanted to share something funny that happened this weekend. As most of you know Blakely has been teething(getting 9 teeth in at once) and she is finally on the last few that are popping through, so needless to say, she hasn't been the happiest baby. It has taken us an extra amount of energy(not that it doesn't when she isn't teething) to keep her busy, so she doesn't think about the pain.

Side note: I am not a huge fan of giving her medicine, if not necessary!

Well, this weekend she took a turn for the better and started showing us a funny side to herself. She has started to want to play "games". They consist of her hiding behind our long curtains in the living room, standing really still, and laughing uncontrollably! Literally! She has this funny little laugh that reminds me of a fake baby doll, mixed with this sweet sound of helium! ha

Another game is her running, more like a slow walk for me, but she runs as fast as her feet, combined with stableness, will let her. . . giggling the whole time! We also got new couches and we ordered a large over sized ottoman with it, about the size of her crib mattress, which has made Blakely the happiest girl in the World! It is a bit shorter then the couch, so she manage to hoist herself onto the top of it, lay flat on it, and throw her feet up and down, of course, giggling the whole time! Another "trick" of hers while on the ottoman is standing up, making this shape with her lips(kind of puckering them out), and making this monkey noise. She gets quite a kick out of herself! As do we!

I am trying to capture some of this on video, so be looking for that! I just thought I would share how wonderful of a baby(big one) she is turning into! She has quite the little attitude, but her "tough/serious" shell is coming down, slowly, and she is starting to turn into this little sweetheart! She is starting to kiss alot! She blows kisses to anyone and everything every time we leave or they leave. It is funny to see, because most people have no clue what she is doing! I say, "She is blowing you a kiss, that's how she says goodbye!" They simple reply, "Oh, I was wondering what she was doing! Bye!"

Love to all!

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We are the Ferrari's said...

Oh my, she is growing up so fast! :) She is so adorable!!!