Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Birthday Rant!

When speaking to myself about how old I was the other night while lying in bed, I realized that I am in my late-twenties! I shot up out of bed, looked at Ben and said, "I am in my LATE twenties!!!" He just looked at me and softly replied, "It's okay honey, your old. . . " What I ment was I was getting "older"(not old) and when gettin golder means many things. . .

1. That my parents are getting older!
2. I am all most 30!
3. I loved my twenties, where are they go?
4. I am a mommy at 28.
5. I am a grown up!
6. The time has gone by faster then I thought it would!
7. Remember when you where 18, and you "thought" about those people in college and who where in their mid to late twenties. . .How OLD that seemed to you?!?!


All these reasons are why I started to think about being in my late-twenties and the reason for my rant! I just am having a hard time with the whole thing! I love being this age. We, as a family, have much more then I ever imaged at "this age". I am happy, healthy, and here!?!?

So, what is my problem. I am not old! BUT when are we "old"? I do not consider my parents "old", but in that same statement. . .I don't consider my grandmother old. I guess it is in the way you act and live your life, right? I don't feel 28, but do I look 28? I remember when I was younger and someone carded me, I would be so upset. . .now when it happens, I happily oblige!
Ok, my rant is over. ::::::::::::::::::SIGH:::::::::::::::::::::

Here are a few pictures from my birthday! I did have a wonderful one! Ben got me a day at the spa(manny, peddy, message, and facial), plus let me buy new couches! Plus, a good friend of mine, Chauna, had us over for a delicious dinner! I received tons a phone calls, and even got some money! It was great. I felt loved! Thank you all!


Lisa said...

Don't fret - don't you know that 40 is the "new 20"?? You've got lots of years left to feel young!

We are the Ferrari's said...

I felt the same way when I turned 25. I freaked out, just thinking about being a quarter of a century old! :)

alexwuenstel said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Glad you had a good one. Oh, and you're only as old as you look...I would DEFINITELY card you. :D