Friday, September 26, 2008

5 Random Thoughts!

1. I need to be cleaning my house, but I have no modivation.
2. I want to loss 10-15lbs. by next year!
3. I hope Ben is having a good time in Alabama with the boys, I am jealous, lucky him!
4. I wish I had more friends here, that wanted to do stuff! Or that called me!
5. I want to go shopping, badly!
There. . .now I feel better! Thanks Rhiannon, for the idea! That really seems to help me. Now, time to take a nap!


alexwuenstel said...

Brandy, I ALWAYS want to do things!!! Let's make a deal, I'll call you more often, if you call me more often, k? I was just telling Cat how bad I have been about reaching out to people since I've been here, so I am going to try a lot harder now! :)

We are the Ferrari's said...

Your hair is pretty too! My face is too fat and round to have short hair! I wish we lived close because I would love to hang out and do things!:) I liek teh random thoughts, it seems to help tovent even if noone is listening! Steal it anytime! ;)

AliMay said...

BRANDY!!! I'm here too! Bored out of my mind every day! =) We have to start doing something besides lunch every now and then. Call me cause I never know when you are taking naps and I always feel horrible when I wake people up. ;)

kirsten said...

brandy your doing great out there in the midwest, still wish you were all closer.. your ideas are inspiring.miss you so much