Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I stole a baby. . .

Ok....well not really, but I was taking care of her while her Mommy slept off her 30.5 birthday bash. This is Cailey, my brothers daughter, my niece! She is so adorable and looks JUST like my brother as a baby. Crazy!

My mom and I grabbed our camera and became the paparazzi! And as you can tell, Cailey doesn't mind.

Look at that face....she's like, ok are you done?

I feed her, held her hands down, so she wouldn't fail about, propped her up legs up on my belly, and rocked in my Dad's recliner...and she was OUT! Sleeping babies....are they not the cutest?!?!

Man, I miss that little baby girl! Me and her had a connection....she liked to talk baby talk to me and I could get her to smile. :)

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