Monday, July 26, 2010

Florida Baby Shower

I had a small baby shower while I was home too! Our vacation was jammed full of things to do! :)

Here are so photos:

I requested Petite Fours from my favorite bakery back home!(Jay's Bakery)

Some of the food. They had a bunch theme with Gouda Grits, Sausage Quiche, muffins, etc. It was all so yummy!

They also had everyone bring a little something to hang up on a clothes line. Such a cute idea!

Getting my nap nanny! YEA!

My hostesses(Kristel, My Momma, me, and Whitney)

This is my best friend, Kristel.

Some of my Florida friends. (Colette, Danielle, Heather, Kristel, Me, Lindsey)

Kristene with her girls, Alexis and Gwen

Terry and Amber!

Thank you everyone for coming and a special THANKS to my hostesses for throwing such a relaxing, fun shower! I feel so loved!


Deidra Brown said...

Just wanted to know who are you using now to monogram and applique Blakely's stuff. I loved the purple and white outfit?

pink green & southern said...

You look great---and so do those petit fours, lol! What a wonderful shower!

Brandy said...

Deidra-I get them from

She does wonderful work and I also follower her on FB.