Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Party

It was Blakely's Valentine's party at school today. I am not really sure what they did, but they told me Blakely wanted to color all day and when they told her it was time to put them away, she cried! Blakely get a bag full of Goodies and past her's out as well. I think the biggest hit was her outfit with all the teachers at PDO. They all came into her class just to see what she was wearing! Ofcourse, handmade by Sweet Caroline's Boutique(! We love our Cydney


The McCormick's said...

Seriously...she is soo precious! Love the outfit!

Ok, I'm in need of some major blog help, it needs new LIFE! Send me your email to I have some questions ;) haha, I'm pathetic! I'm going to do the fun little tag once my blog looks pretty!

We are the Ferrari's said...

She has to be the best dressed kid in town! She is so sweet!