Friday, February 20, 2009

22 months old, already?

I was looking at Blakely yesterday, completely amazed at the beautiful toddler she is becoming. She has started to do so many new things lately, that it has me catching my breath! She has started to play baby dolls by herself. She will talk to them, lay them down on our stairs(not to self, she needs a baby bassinet), place a blanket over them, and say, "Sh, Shh, quiiiet." And pat their backs. She also wants the to sleep with them. ALL FOUR! She wants me to tell them goodnight and give them kisses too.

She also loves to ask, "Wuz tha?" Yes people, she is becoming a FULL BLOWN TODDLER! Just look at how big she looks in her newest pictures.
Goign to color in her tent.
Peek a boo!
Cooking for her baby.
Feeding her baby.


We are the Ferrari's said...

They grow up so fast! She is beautiful Brandy!

Kathy said...

wait until she is 3! They grow up so fast!!! She is beautiful!!!

mollytenebruso said...

I thought she was 2 yrs old already? How old is she now? She is getting big and so is Audrey. They get so tall and skinny in just a few months. So sad. . . Even Alexis is getting big now. I will need a smaller one soon.