Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working Non-Stop!

Well, we have been home for 8 days and have been working extremely hard trying to get the house back in order and finishing all the "projects" that we were unable to get done before we found out that Ben had to go on a "deployment"! The first thing we did when we got home was unpack 3 months worth of clothes! Let me just tell you what a project that was in it's self! Ben had off for 4 days, so we got right to work of landscaping the front yard! We went to a local landscaping place, bring along the
measurements of the two areas we lanscaped. I couldn't tell you how happy that made me feel to be at a place where I could just pick and choose from thousands of plants! :::smile:::
Well, we worked all day until about 6pm in the rain trying to get the whole project done before the big rain storm that night! WE DID IT and it turned out wonderfully!
I have also, since being home, been going through mine and Blakely's clothes! We plan on have a garage sale sometime in September, so I have been wanting to "clean" some old stuff out{to make room for the new. . .hehe}! I also listed some stuff on Ebay, which takes like 4 hours to do! That was painful, but hopefully worth it! As of now, it really has just been annoying because you are asked some of the stupidest questions! Ex: How many times has this outfit been worn? I don't know, you are buying used clothes. . .what do you expect?
What are the measurements? Do you ship overseas? Are you willing to do buy it now? blah. blah, blah! I guess my point about complaining is. . . I stated all those answer in my description, if they were to just read it, then they could find it out themselves!!!!!!!!
This pass weekend we had some friends over for dinner(I know a dinner party and we just got home) and Ben smoked a Pork Butt, then shredded the meat and made a sweet North Carolina barbecue sauce to go with it! He got he recipe from his step-dad, who is known to be an excellent cook! Holy Moly, it turned out perfect! The best pork I have ever had(sorry Dad) that even my Dad would of been impressed with him! I was so proud of him because our dinner guest couldn't believe how moist and perfect the meat was! They said it was the best barbecue they have ever had! That says alot! Great Job babe! Yummmmmy!
We also sighed Blakely up for the Mommies-Day-Out program for 1 day a week! We have our Open house, where she gets to met her teachers and other kids she will be with, this Wednesday. I am a little nervous about the whole thing, but know that it will be a good thing for her and I!
Well, that is all for now! Hope everyone is well! All our love!

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Kathy! said...

You have been one busy mama!!! But most def. worth all of the hard work! I hope Ebay pays off for you!

and Blakely will love Mother's day out! Raegan loves it, she goes 3 days a week and Adriana will start this year 2days a week! it is def. worth it to see them having so much fun with their friends! and you get a small break to do stuff on your own!