Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creation of our Blog!

So, I know I try and keep most of you updated thur via email, but I thought this might be easier to start a blog. That way if you are ever curious on how we are doing or what is new in our life, you can just view it here.

As most of you know Ben was depolyed out to Vegas for 4 months. Lucky for us, it turned out that he only had to go for 3 and 1/2 months! We actaully picked him up today from the airport! No more being away from Blakely and I for a while!

Our summer went well, we went out to Vegas for 6 weeks and spent the remainder of the time in Florida with family. Blakely has started walking, talking, teething(even more), and flying for her first time! She has been getting 4 molars in for the last 6 weeks or more! Poor thing hasn't been sleeping well and neither have I! Blakely has gotten to spend a large part of her summer with her cousins and spending time with other families! She has fallen in love with her Aunt Catherine and when she would come home from work, she would just follow her around watching her ever move. Most of the time she would prefer to go to her over me!

This Saturday we are heading back to Missouri, which will mark the end of our summer. We have had a great time, but are ready to get back to our beautiful home, that we miss dearly!

Love you all!

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We are the Ferrari's said...

Brandy, I look forward to keeping up with your blog. I am going to add it to my favorites! :)