Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Made it back to Missouri!

We have finally made it back to Missouri! The 2 day travel back home was broken up by us stopping in Mississippi and staying the night at my Uncle Dale's house! We got to his house on Saturday evening being welcomed by an amazing, breathtaking, beautiful home. Walking into this home, was like walking into a page right out of an Ethan Allen catalog with the added bonus of amazing art that he has collected over the many years of travel. He had a a chef that works at his casino make us up some yummy lasagna, delicate olive salad, and olive bread to top if off! Not to mention The General's two bottles of smooth red wine that made your taste buds desire more. :::::::sigh::::::::: I love my Uncle!

We continued on our path home at 6:45am the next morning with our baby girl, two dogs, and car loaded to it's max! Blakely was great the whole ride! I have to give props to my baby girl who can ride in a car for 15 hours and not completely lose it! She really was a trooper!

We ended up making it home by 5:20 pm! It was like seeing our home for the first time all over again! It now has grass in the front, so it was even more beautiful then before! We were so lucky that our contractor that built our home, also helped keep up our yard and watch over the house for us while we were gone. Plus, we also have amazing friends (The Allen's) that did the same as well!

So, we are home, safe, and happy! We have a ton of work to do, but welcoming it with the attitude of gratefulness! Love to all!

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