Friday, August 28, 2009

Sick Baby, shoppin' Mama!

Blakely has been sick all week! The poor thing caught a virus, as another ear infection, and has had a nice elevated temperature on top all that! So, mommy and Blakely have been stuck at home for 5 days! That's right! Only getting out to run a few errands that consisted with the littlest of human contact! UGH!

I'll get to my point! Since, I have been stuck at home all week, I have been SHOPPING!

I have been getting things ready for school and trying to buy some winter clothes here and there for our growing princess.

Last week, I ordered her a toddler lunch box and sippy cup from Baby Face Designs for the new school year! It should be getting here soon! Picture later!

I also found the CUTEST rain boots for this fall/winter! Check them out!

Too cute, huh? Now I have to find a little rain coat to match!

Can you tell I'm bored???? I also finished my first 'real' cake order(which means I was paid for making it)! I'll post pictures and I little story behind it soon! By for now!

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