Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help me decide!

I just can't decided! I like SOooo many costumes this year and with Blakely at the age where she can fit into LOTS of different types of costumes(and pull it off), I am having a hard time deciding!

I need some help and I'm going to take a vote! Please let me know which one you like!

1. The first one I do not have a picture of, I really just have a image in my head that I could make myself. I was thinking Fancy Nancy! I could get the glasses, pull her hair up on her head, put some flowers in it, boas. . .you get the picture.

2. Our little Cupcake

3. Little Bo Peep!

4. 50's Jitterbug Girl. I would curl her hair, had a sweet yellow head band, get her some Saddle Shoes, lacing socks, etc.

5. The Good Witch

6. Super Bumble Bee!

Let me know what you think! Thanks for you help!


Kathy said...

That is a tough one... I like the witch one, and the bumble bee or the jitter bug...why not let her look at the picture and see if she is drawn to one. I think at that age we did a cheerleader.. and OSU one! Ithink that is what Adriana will be this year, not sure yet...

Good luck deciding!

Amber said...

Cupcake or little bo peep. They are cute and she has years and years to be a witch or bee! She should be something cutesie this year.

We are the Ferrari's said...

Cupcake, DEFINITLEY!!! She would be the most adorable cupcake ever! :)

"Me" said...

My vote is CUPCAKE! It's more original, super adorable and perfect for her age... :-) Can't wait to see what she ends up being!

dani said...

i vote cupcake as well...super cute!

Dani said...

Cupcake! And if thats uncomfortable (kinda looks like it..) then my second choice is the poodle skirt one. That's cute and easy.

Gus and them said...

Please please please let her be the cute little cupcake! I LOVE that costume and I know Blakely would look adorable in it! Well she'll be adorable in anything but I would love to see her in the cupcake costume! Have fun, can't wait to see pictures!