Sunday, April 11, 2010

Date Night

I have been trying to keep Blakely busy and entertained a little more since Daddy has been gone. She tends to think of him more and cry for him when we aren't keeping busy. I have been trying to come up with little things for her and I to do together(letting her help me with water the flowers, planting flowers, taking out trash, making beds, taking her to the park, playing outside, etc.). I had a meeting the other night for MOPS, and I drug Blakely along with me(not because I wanted too, but I couldn't find a babysitter). I told her afterward we could go to the store and she could pick out whatever finger nail polish she wanted and we could have a date night afterward, if she was good, and come home, snuggle up in my bed, watch a movie and paint each others nail!

She was thrilled with this and got to stay up super late(to make sure her nails dried ofcourse).

Leaving with store with her polish.

She was so excited!

These are the colors she choose, ofcourse. BLUE! She loves blue.

We painted her toes the darker blue and finger nails the lighter blue!

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