Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tea Party Hats DIY

I got this idea from Family Fun and just changed up a few things to make them a little more eaiser for younger kids.

You need:
Wrapping Paper 30x30 for each hat(I found double sided wrapping paper at Hallmark)
Colored Tape(duck tape makes all sorts of colors)
Hot Glue Gun
Fuax Flowers

That simple!

Start by putting a sheet of wrapping paper around the childs head and put the duck tape around the largest part of their head.

Once the tape is securied around their heads, cut the wrapping paper in a circle leaving 5 inches around the rim of the hat.

Turn up the front of the hat(showing the other side of the paper) add a spot of glue to keep it back, next glue the flowers(that each little girl got to choose) to the front of the rim.

And Voila! You have the perfect Tea Party Hats! Blakely is not a fan of hats, so she did not get to enjoy this craft! Silly girl.


Ashley Schott said...

These are adorable!! What a fun idea:) You're too cute!

Mary Beth said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts about the tea party! The party, decorations, and your home are beautiful! But your daughter puts them all to shame. She is adorable! The perfect party for her! Too cute!